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Everyone desires to have a perfect and impressive smile. Proportional teeth, gums and lips make your smile flawless.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

You can achieve the smile of your dreams and fascinate those around you with Holllywood Smile.

Beautiful teeth, a confident smile make a great first impression. Your mouth, teeth and smile are the first things people notice about you. Having a pleasant smile takes the person one step ahead in daily and business life. Today, it has become possible to have a beautiful smile, which makes the person stand out in a communicative sense as well as their appearance, with smile design. In recent years, Hollywood stars have started to attract attention with their extraordinarily beautiful and impressive smiles, and as a result, the term "Hollywood Smile" has emerged.

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Every smile is beautiful; however, men and women of all ages cannot laugh comfortably because they dislike their smiles and cover their mouths with their hands as they laugh. Everyone  would look good  with a sincere and natural smile.

The Hollywood Smile in Turkey gives you an oppurtinity to eliminate all your worries by the treatment  which is designed in accordance with the face,teeth,gums and lips structure of the person. Your all concern about an aesthetic appearance will be dissapear with  the personalized  Hollywood Smile design.

What is a Hollywood Smile?

 The primary purpose of this process, which consists of a group of operations including oral and dental applications, to eliminate the defects in the color of the teeth, gums and appearance of the teeth, is to create an aesthetic and beautiful image.

Below is the list of clinical procedures in the treatment of Hollywood smile in Turkey:

  • Teeth are repaired, and oral health is restored.
  • It is determined if there are missing teeth.
  • The personal smile design is digitally created.
  • If a tooth is missing, the dental implant is placed.
  • Gum problems are eliminated.
  • The teeth are restored according to the smile design explicitly created for the person.
  • Aesthetic applications are performed to shape the appearance of the lips and gums according to the smile design.
  • Finally, the teeth are whitened and appear in the same tone.
How to apply Hollywood Smile?

How to apply Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile design changes according to the needs of each person. If the gums are healthy and there is no shortage of teeth, the smile design can created in a digital environment in consultation with the patient. The material and method to be used to restore the teeth, such as porcelain, zirconium or composite, are selected and the patient is informed about the process of design.

What treatments are used in the Hollywood Smile application?

Gingiva Adjustment

The health of the gums is one of the most critical factors that make a smile aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, in the cosmetic smile design, we first check the boundaries of the gum and whether it is on a regular line.

How the gums look when smiling is also one of the important points. If the gingival and tooth sizes are not adequately proportional in terms of aesthetics, this disproportion is balanced with the smile design that the dentist will create in accordance with the person. Additionally, the laser gum removal operation or the gummy smile operation may be required for in this case.

Dental Coating

Prior to the aesthetic treatment of the tooth, the main purpose in dental and gingival problems is to make the mouth and tooth structure healthy. After this step, an aesthetic smile is designed for the person.

In the Hollywood Smile design, the focus is on the front teeth and upper jaw. Sometimes it may be necessary to renew some teeth and sometimes the entire upper jaw. There are three basic materials and methods used in dental coating.

Porcelain veneer: Porcelain teeth, which are very similar to natural teeth in structure and appearance, allow us to achieve an elegant, extremely aesthetic appearance and are very resistant.

Zirconia tooth veneer: used with the same frequency as ceramics in dental veneers. It is fair to say that it is preferred more often than implants, as it can be used in tooth shortage.

Composite bonding: Composite bonding or filling is the tool we only use to achieve an aesthetic appearance in situations that can be restored with small touches. The most significant difference between porcelain and zirconium veneers is that they can be applied without eroding the teeth. A composite filling is often used in tooth tip fractures, extension and enlargement of teeth.

Benefits of Smile Design with Hollywood Smile

Benefits of Smile Design with Hollywood Smile

You may have discoloration of teeth, slippage, loss of teeth due to aging, congenital tooth positioning and various problems that can reduce the brightness of your smile. Fortunately, with the Hollywood smile, you can have a beautiful smile that fits your face.

In addition to the important contribution of smiling freely to your self-confidence, mood and therefore your health, we can list the benefits of smile design as follows:

  • Whiter and perfect-looking teeth
  • A unique and proportionate smile
  • A healthy mouth
  • Comfortable fit to the jaw
  • Long-term oral and dental health protection

FAQ's About Hollywood Smile Turkey

At the end of the treatment performed with an experienced dentist and team, you will have the same smile as the smile designed in the digital environment as promised.

Angle, size and position of the teeth, gingival structure significantly affect the aesthetics of the smile.

The cost is varies depending on oral structure and needs of the patient. Which material will be used or which treatment will be applied besides of the smile design ,questions such as these make differences in the price.

In that case, your gum health is not incurable, and you don’t have any general health disabilities that can prevent you from having dental operations, you can get the Hollywood Smile.

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Chloé Fournier

I can't thank this clinic enough for the amazing transformation they did on my smile! I used to hide my teeth, but now I can confidently laugh and show off my beautiful smile.

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Aria Müller

If you're looking for a clinic that can truly transform your smile, look no further! Thanks to their expertise, I can now laugh freely without any insecurity about my teeth. Highly recommended!

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Sahra Gómez

I had lost my self-confidence due to my dental issues, but this clinic turned everything around for me. They gave me a stunning smile that I'm proud to show off. Don't hesitate to visit them!

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Nele Peeters

This clinic has completely changed my life. Before, I would hide my teeth when I laughed, but now I can't stop smiling. They've done an incredible job, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking a perfect smile.

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Marita Costa

I used to feel self-conscious about my teeth, but after visiting this clinic, my confidence has soared. Their dental expertise and personalized care have given me a smile I'm proud of. I highly recommend them to everyone!

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Willy Janssen

I can't recommend this clinic enough! Thanks to their expertise, I now have a confident smile I'm proud to show off.

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Clara Dainty

If you're looking for a dental clinic that will truly transform your smile, look no further. This place worked wonders for me, and I can't stop smiling!

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Jake Smith

I've struggled with dental issues for years, but this clinic turned my life around. I'm no longer self-conscious about my teeth, and I can't express how grateful I am.


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