Dental Implant in Turkey

Implants, which are a screwed pillar that supports the artificial tooth, are metal and placed in the lower upper jaw.

Dental Implants Turkey

As the DentextreM we have been serving our patients with many years, with our expert staff in their field , following the developing technology continuously and being aware of professional and conscientious responsibility.

In the dental ımplant, our team will guide you to optimal treatment in the dental lack and will be accompany to you thgroughout the all processes.

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Dental implants, what are they?

Implants, which are a screwed pillar that supports the artificial tooth, are metal and placed in the lower upper jaw. The main objective is to replace lost teeth by placing a dental crown or bridge.

The ımplant provides a natural image ,comfort and fuctionality than others . Also ıt is a permanent solution to tooth loss .

Implants are provide a solid support and replace the roof of the tooth. The adjacent teeth are not carved or overloaded, and the teeth are prevented from migrating or protruding in this treatment.

Types of dental implants

Implant types vary according to the material of which it is formed, the surgical procedure to be performed andhow to place the intervention

The ımplant types are ,

According to how the intervention is carried out ,

  • Endosseous or osseointegrated implants.

According to the material of which they are composed,

  • Zirconium dental implants.
  • Titanium dental implants.

Depending on when the crowns are loaded or placed,

  • Traditional or two-phase implants.
  • Immediate or immediate loading implants.

What is the surgical phase of dental implants?

Depending on the state of the bone bed ,ımplant treatment can require one or more surgical processes. The placement of the dental implant is carried out after the first examination and planning by our clinic’s experts.

If the surgical procedure is performed in two phases :

Placement of the implant, leaving it covered by the gum for the period deemed appropriate by the surgeon.

The gum incisions reveal the dental implants and place the transepithelial abutment that will form the gingiva to receive the future prosthesis.

Why prefer us for your dental implant treatment in Turkey?

Why prefer us for your dental implant treatment in Turkey?

  • Many years of experience in dental implants.We are a reference clinic in the treatment of dental implants in Turkey.
  • Latest technology in dental implants. The patient will have the best result and satisfaction as a solution of the dental disorders by with our last technological equipment and methods

What parts does a dental implant have?


It is the implant itself. It is the part of the dental implant that is fixed to the bone.


It is the part of the implant that protrudes from the bone and emerges in the mouth.


It is the part that is attached to the abutment, and we appreciate it like a tooth.

Dental implant prices in Turkey

The price of the dental ımplant varies depending on the treatment which used in every patient . Treatment is determined by the patient's needs so depending on this the price will be different.

How is the procedure performed in the treatment of dental implants?

In our clinic the procudure personelized with most suitable treatment for each patient due to their needs. As Dentextrem, we assist the patient to find the most appropriate treatment method with our experienced team .

The procudere that we follow is ;

Initial study and treatment planning: In this phase, the examination of the patient’s mouth, the pertinent radiological studies, and the necessary complementary tests are carried out.

Surgical phase: The surgical phase is conditioned by the study and initial planning. It can be a single-phase, in the simplest cases, or several surgical phases if, for example, some type of bone regeneration has been carried out.

Prosthetic or restorative phase: This phase begins once the dental implant is properly osseointegrated. It is the phase where we will place the prosthesis that will perform the aesthetic and functional function.

Maintenance phase: This phase is very important to keep dental implants in the mouth for many years. In this phase, periodic controls and hygiene of the dental implant area are carried out so that the so-called peri-implantitis does not occur.

Dental implant specialists in Turkey

Dental implant specialists in Turkey

We provide professionalism and best service to our patients with our experienced doctors as one of the prominent clinics in Turkey .

We offer the best quality to our patients with our experienced team in the dental field ? that assists and evaluates patients one-on-one to choose best treatment method for the patient.

Our clinic uses digital processes that facilitate and streamline work, such as CAD and CAM technologies. CAD is the technology that allows computer design, while CAM is the technology that allows the manufacture of prostheses by computer.

FAQ's About Dental Implant in Turkey

It is not possible to place an implant in some situations.First thing we examine is the gums and bite and the state of the bone  mass of the jaw.If everything is not ideal to place an implant the procuder can not be carry out.

There is no specific price to dental implants . It varies depending on the material that be used and the state of the oral healt of patient.

We can highlight serious diseases that influence bone metabolism, specific infections, malignant tumours that affect the bone or radiation therapy in large doses.

In terms of biocompatibility, zirconium is a very compatible material like titanium and is an aesthetically unique prosthesis. It should be said that it does not provide an additional benefit compared to titanium whilst is an excellent material and it has only recently been used in the dental field.

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I can't thank this clinic enough for the amazing transformation they did on my smile! I used to hide my teeth, but now I can confidently laugh and show off my beautiful smile.

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Aria Müller

If you're looking for a clinic that can truly transform your smile, look no further! Thanks to their expertise, I can now laugh freely without any insecurity about my teeth. Highly recommended!

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I had lost my self-confidence due to my dental issues, but this clinic turned everything around for me. They gave me a stunning smile that I'm proud to show off. Don't hesitate to visit them!

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This clinic has completely changed my life. Before, I would hide my teeth when I laughed, but now I can't stop smiling. They've done an incredible job, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking a perfect smile.

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I used to feel self-conscious about my teeth, but after visiting this clinic, my confidence has soared. Their dental expertise and personalized care have given me a smile I'm proud of. I highly recommend them to everyone!

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I can't recommend this clinic enough! Thanks to their expertise, I now have a confident smile I'm proud to show off.

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If you're looking for a dental clinic that will truly transform your smile, look no further. This place worked wonders for me, and I can't stop smiling!

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I've struggled with dental issues for years, but this clinic turned my life around. I'm no longer self-conscious about my teeth, and I can't express how grateful I am.


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