Corrective Jaw Surgery in Turkey

Our specialists can treat patients with jaw disorders with various devices if they are in the growth and development period.

The corrective jaw operations aim to provide a perfect balance between the patient's facial features by correcting the shape of the maxillary bone and jaw on the face.

The types of corrective surgery are:

Mandibular advancement, when the lower teeth and chin have restrictions with respect to the rest of the face

  • Open bite happens while the upper and lower teeth do not collide in a symmetrical form when closing the mouth but leave a gap.
  • Mandibular asymmetry, when the chin and teeth have a deflect to one side
  • A three dimensional X-ray stuyd should be done to find out the most appropriate method for patient
  • With the help of X-ray images, the specialist determines which area need treatment and the most appropriate  treatment for patient before the next step begin.

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Corrective Jaw Surgery Postoperative Care and Nutrition

Patients cannot eat anything on the first night after operation and the doctor gives the patient corrective jaw surgery water 4 hours after the surgery. Apart from this, the patient can start feeding the next day with only clear and grain-free foods. After the operation, the patient begins appropriate oral care treatment by the specialist and by elastic band on the teeth at the appropriate time, the jaws are close to each other.

The first important issue in post-operative care is to ensure that the patients do not move their teeth or talk in order to fuse the bones. Patients should not open their jaws for 10 to 14 days and should give nutrients only in the form of liquid from the spaces between the teeth.

In order to prevent post-operative infections, antibiotics and painkillers will be given to our patients by Dentextrem and they will be informed about the precautions to be taken. In addition, our patients should pay maximum attention to oral care after the chin correction operation.

Those who have corrective jaw surgery should be careful about cigarette consumption in the first week after surgery. Bad habits such as smoking negatively affect the wound healing process. Those who have corrective jaw surgery should definitely not smoke. The patient can leave the clinic five days after the Corrective jaw Surgery. Those who have corrective jaw surgery stay away from work for up to 20 days. But after that, he can continue his daily activities. Then, routine controls are available on the 20th day and 1.5 months.

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Why is it Performed?

Why is it Performed?

The reason of performed of this procedure is improve the jaw functions and facial aesthetics by balancing the symmetry between the lower and upper jaws. This type of surgery is an indication for patients with a dental malocclusion that experts cannot treat exclusively with orthodontics.

Possible Complications After Corrective jaw Surgery

After the corrective jaw surgery, numbness may occur in the lower lip and jaw area, although rarely, in parallel with the nerve damage. In addition, taste and sensory defects may occur in the tongue and facial mimic muscles. This type of damage usually heals in 6 -12 months, but sometimes it can be permanent.

In some patients, corrective jaw surgery may be required when the fracture does not heal incorrectly or completely, and in such cases. Since the joint rarely becomes problematic, it is not possible for specialists to predict joint problems,however all problems related to the jaw can be treated with the corrective jaw surgery in Turkey.

Another condition encountered after the operation is weight loss due to nutrition. Patients can prevent this situation with the diatery supplements. Patients should continue with orthodontic treatment for a while and should pay attention to oral care ,after the corrective jaw surgery treatment has successfully come to an end.

According to the changes in the face after the chin operation, the specialists can re-evaluate the patient's needs and wishes in terms of aesthetics and may recommend aesthetic treatment.

You can visit Dentextrem, one of the leading clinics in Turkey, for the solution of structural and aesthetic disorders related to bone and jaw.

What Does it Consist of?

What Does it Consist of?

The corrective jaw surgery is performed with the planning made as a result of the evaluation of criteria such as radiography images, facial bone structure, chin and face measurements, face models. The examination performed as a result of the evaluation of these criteria allows the best diagnosis to be made by the specialist.

FAQ's About Corrective Jaw Surgery in Turkey

Our specialists can treat patients with jaw disorders with various devices if they are in the growth and development period. However, if the skeletal disorder is very severe even though the patient is in the growth and development period, or if the patient’s growth and development period finish, specialists can correct jaw disorders with a method called corrective jaw surgery, which includes both orthodontic and surgical treatments.

In order for corrective jaw surgery to be performed, the patient’s growth and development must be completely terminated. Otherwise, there may be changes in the result obtained with this treatment.

Every patient’s situation is different, and treatment processes will also be different. Two patients with the same problem may not be suitable candidates for the same technique. Because of these, corrective jaw surgery prices may not be same. Application fees for corrective jaw surgery, lower jaw surgery, double chin surgery, corrective jaw surgery, upper jaw surgery and chin corrective jaw surgery may vary due to individual factors.

If you have an orthodontic problem and you are looking for a solution to it, you can apply to DentextreM for the most accurate and appropriate treatment by expert hands.

Before the procedure, the patient will have to wear devices for some time so that the teeth will adapt when the jaws close correctly and go with the surgery.

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