Dental Braces in Turkey

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Dental Braces Turkey

Shape and structure disorders in the teeth and jaw , difficulties in chewing and an unaesthetic appearance require the use of braces in treatments. In the long-term elimination of these problems, braces are recommended by dentists as a common treatment method.

Unaesthetic appearance mostly affects young people due to social factors. These structure disorders in the teeth can cause low self-confident in this age group. For an aesthetic and self-confident appearance, it is extremely important to start dental treatment without wasting time.

On the other hand, braces treatment causes a certain amount of financial expenditure and it may not always be possible to be prepared for this situation for people who want to have treatment.

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Factors Affecting The Calculation Of Braces Prices

The gaps between the teeth , the need for the treatment more than one session, application of the implant treatment in gaps that cannot be closed with braces increase the cost.  .The brace treatment does not include the implant applications. Also the demand of the number of the treatment can make differences amount of the cost. There are some conditions  which are affect the price amount.

  • Bracket and braces material feature
  • Single-jaw or tooth-jaw braces structure
  • Too little or too much skewness
  • If there is a gap among the teeth, the amount of space between the teeth in case of separation
  • Gummy smiley, where the gums appear much more than normal
  • Front or back of the chin
  • Structural disorders such as palate and jaw stenosis

The materials used in the treatment are divided into metal and porcelain, which the specialist use the transparent plaque treatment depending on them and the material to be used changes according to the single or double jaw structure.

How long does the pain in braces treatment last?

How long does the pain in braces treatment last?

Patients may feel sensitivity and pain in the teeth for 3 or 4 days after the treatment and also have an excess in the mouth after the braces place in. Your doctor will advise you on pain medication for this condition. These pains are not long-term pains and they will completely over in 3/5 days.

Types of Brackets

1. METAL : Although the cost of metal braces is cheap, they are not very comfortable in terms of appearance and comfort. Most of the patient who chose that method realise the discomfort of the metal braces after  treatment .

2. CERAMIC : You have an option to choose the color of the elements which are similar in shade to the teeth  and the ceramic brackets are not so visible. It will be more aesthetically when the specialist use this treatment. However , the ceramic staples are very fragile and tend to break and also the cost will be more than the metal brackets.

3. PLASTIC : The plastic brackets are almost invisible and quite strong .Due to that it is the most commonly used method in the dental treatment . Patients mostly choose the plastic braces for the aesthetic apperance in their face. In addition, they are long term materials and they are transparent which makes them invisible  . Moreover ,wearing the plastic braces  causes almost no discomfort for patient .In addition to advantages of the plastic braces , these brackets will not need to be used for a long time.

4. LINGUISTIC : These brackest attach on the back side of the teeth which makes some inconvenience for patient and ıt may take long time to adjust. Apart from its disadvantages, the linguistic therapy has a specific advantages which lies in its invisibility.

5. SELF -REGULATING : Differrently from the other braces materials , these brackets do not have a clear fixation during the application of this treatment. The staples slide, allowing them to take the shape of a tooth. This is very convenient, as the free glide makes the dental treatment much more effective.

How long does braces treatment take on average?

How long does braces treatment take on average?

The operation time varies according to the braces material used. This period can take one and half year or approximately two years. In addition the operation time ,it can be shorter or longer depending on the treatment that used for each patient.

FAQ's About Dental Braces in Turkey

After the braces treatment over , patients must be careful in the self care. They should follow the directions of the orthodontist for oral care . Tooth brushing techniques, tooth interface brushes, tooth washing techniques and special brushes will help the patient in the care of braces.

Transparent plaque is preferred by people who have dental problems because it is almost invisible in terms of aesthetics. However the treatment time can be longer than the others for a few months .

After the braces treatment is over, the teeth want to return to their original state. To prevent this, experts use appliances. If the experts do not use the appliances regularly and at the specified frequency, the teeth will return to their original state.

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