Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental cover is one of the treatment method in the aesthetic dental applications which is cover the tooth wholly or partly.

Dental Crowns Turkey

You may require a dental crown to renew a damaged part, or maybe you want to improve your smile without implant surgery. If you are looking for information of the dental cronwns , you have landed in the right place.  Whatever the reason, surely you have had a lot of questions.

In this article , we want you to have all the information about types,prices and the other procuderes for/in ? dental crowns in Turkey. We inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of crowns. We also explain in detail how to take care of your dental covers after having them done so that they last as long as possible

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What is a Dental Crown?

Dental cover is one of the treatment method in the aesthetic dental applications which is cover the tooth wholly or partly. A dental crown is used for aesthetic reasons or as a prosthesis, but also to cover a dental implant. The dentist takes the impression of the arch of the affected tooth after inserting the abutment of the dental implant and  sends it to the dental laborator. In the dental laboratory the dental crown will be designed applying the chosen material. The crown is then cemented to the prepared tooth. It can be either cemented or screwed to the implant using the abutment in case of the dental implant.

Dental Crown: How to Put it On?

Performing dental crown treatment does not end in one session requires several sessions. Here are all the steps that the dentist takes in case you need to cover a damaged tooth :

  • Devitalizes the tooth, where necessary;
  • “Peels ” the surface of the tooth to allow the technician to have the space to build the new tooth;
  • Takes the impression of the tooth;
  • Place a temporary crown on the tooth;
  • Send the impression to the laboratory that will build the final crown;
  • Once the final crown has arrived, the dentist glues it on your tooth after having tried it on and making sure that it meets all the needs of the case.
Crown on Dental Implants

Crown on Dental Implants

It is called an implant surgery when a missing tooth is replaced with an artificial one and dental crowns are also used for covering to implanted tooth. The dentist places a dental implant on the patient’s gum and then screws a temporary dental crown onto it. When healing is complete in a couple months, the final crown is placed over the implant.

All the materials we mentioned earlier are also available for dental implants.

Dental Crowns Materials in Turkey

Zirconium, metal, ceramic and composite resin materials are used in dental crown and covers in Turkey. We will inform you with the details of these materials .


The inside of this dental crown is made of metal and the outer filling material is made of composite resin.The advantage of this metarial is that it is very cheap compared to others. However in aesthetically it has a disadvantages which it wears out and turns yellows easily,over the years .


These materials consist of two layers which the inner part is metal- solid and resistant , the outer part is ceramic. Although this material has a good quality, it has some disadvantages , such as this material is very dark inside and it causes ;

  • if the gum shrinks, you will see a black border between the gum and the crown.
  • the general aesthetic result is unfavorable, being made of metal;
  • they could (in theory) create sensitization for those allergic to the metal alloy they are made of.


Aesthetıcally, these coverıngs have the same look as natural teeth .Zirconium is a very light and resistant material and therefore ensures a long life for the dental capsule.

Since zirconium covers do not transmit the  light, it can be used to cover very dark teeth. All-ceramic covers are not suitable for this, as they are very translucent.

In addition all these informations it can be said that the zirconium-ceramic and all-ceramic covers are the best metarials.

Dental Crowns Prices in Turkey

Dental Crowns Prices in Turkey

Depending on the materials that used in the crown treatment ,the price varies . The tooth cavity to be filled is also one of the factors affecting the price. Ceramic crowns are more expensive than the metal ones as they offer all the advantages we have mentioned above.

If you need an implant, in addition to the price of the crown, you must consider other costs, such as the implant itself and the abutment, the pin to which the crown is attached.

FAQ's About Dental Crowns in Turkey

For a dental crown can last between 5 and 20 years ,there are some factors that patient must follow such as ;

  • Oral hygiene: if you brush your teeth well and pay attention to periodic oral hygiene, you will extend the life of the crown;
  • Feeding: eating too hard foods can wear out crowns, especially metal ones;
  • Gum withdrawal: with age or due to periodontal disease, the gingiva can be reabsorbed, and thus the crown may become unsuitable for the new anatomy.
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